About Chippur

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How is Chippur different?

Our app develops a profile of each user based on personality and motivational cues they provide. Are you creative? Are you an introvert? Are you interested in reducing stress or feeling fitter? From there Chippur delivers a tailored experience to the user, providing daily wellness habits that cover nutrition, movement and mental health practices.

Give your wellness program measurable outcomes

Chippur provides your management team with a real time dashboard that allows leaders to track the pulse of their organisation. You can track the level of engagement with Chippur through-out the organisation including improvement of well rested employees by watching their sleep time increase, watch their fitness change as they complete weekly physical challenges and witness how much sugar has been reduced in their diets, amongst other key health indicators.

Over time, this allows the organisation to benchmark a range of measures that ladder up to a culture score. Insights derived from this program mean that after only a few weeks, managers have the ability to see the change in wellness engagement across departments, teams or at a company wide level.


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Let Chippur help you

The kicker; based on our market research over the previous two years, companies have indicated their need to see wellness initiatives have a visible impact on internal culture.

Companies want to provide a service that enables and promotes employee wellness. They require a solution that delivers a personalised approach across their workforce, it needs to be engaging, meaningful and effective. They require measurable data based on the company's performance. This leads to reduced absenteeism, presenteeism, turnover and higher employee job satisfaction and performance.

We are currently testing this iteration of the app with a NZ company. We have developed the ability for an organisation to create teams within the app. These teams work on their own individual habits with their efforts contributing to the success of their allocated team. Simultaneously we are caring for the employee while creating a “we” not “me” mentality in the workplace.